July 1, 2023
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Summer Tips for Vacation Ready Hair

When I think of being on vacation, I personally picture myself sitting on a beach chair with my toes in the sand and my beach ready hair waving in the ocean breeze. I don’t want to spend time blow drying and fussing with my hair. I would like to share with you a few tricks that I like to do to my hair while I am on vacation.  I present to you: Summer Tips for Vacation Ready Hair.

Let’s first start off with prepping your hair to create some fun.

Beach Waves

First start with clean, damp hair. Apply a styling crème or light hold curling product like Redken Curvacous Ringlet.  Comb through your hair and create two to three small buns in your hair as you twist them into place securing them with hair pins. Now you are ready to go to the beach. Allow your hair to dry into place as you enjoy the rays of sun on your hair. (If you have color treated hair I would recommend adding a bit of a leave in conditioner like Redken 25 Benefits to moisturize those ends.) When you feel your hair is dry, unravel your buns and mist your hair with a sea salt spray and scrunch your hair into beautiful beach waves full of bouncy texture.

Time for a tour around town, a walk, shopping or even check out a museum. To make an easy style, just wear it up with a…

High Messy Bun

Get some volume in your hair quickly by adding a great dry shampoo spray like Redkens dry spray. Follow directions. I usually apply to my root area spraying at least 6” away. Then I start to rub my scalp area to help allow the oils to start absorbing. Now you can lightly tease your hair to add a little volume with adding a little Redken Quick Tease and use a comb or brush to lightly tease the root area some more. Gather all your hair to the top of your head on the highest point of your crown.  Make a ponytail and secure it with a ponytail elastic.  Pull your ponytail halfway through, wrap the elastic around the hair, then pull the rest of the tail through, wrapping the hair around into a bun.  Carefully pull apart the bun to create more of a shape. Play with the hair to loosen it and pin around the base to tighten any extra loose ends.

Depending where you live and your hair type you can have a major case of Frizz! I have long hair so besides the humid weather creating frizz in my hair I sometimes struggle to have a wave pattern last. Here is an easy way to create…

Waves for Long Hair

Start by misting a heat protection spray like Redken Iron shape on your long locks. Part your hair in half. With each half, create two loose braids. Grab a warm flat iron and starting with one braid, press and hold the iron into 1” to 2” sections to make sure the hair has been heated through each section. Work down the whole braid and then continue to the next braid. Now let the hair cool down for a few minutes. Once the hair feels like it has cooled, unbraid the hair and rake your fingers through. Add a few drops of a hair oil like Instant Deflate from the Frizz Dismiss line from Redken to create some definition and shine.

Sometimes my best friend who has extremely curly hair says “Curly hair don’t care!” Here she demonstrates a tousled pulled up style with her natural curls.  On that note a really easy style is a…

Messy Bun for Curly Hair

Prepare your hair with a curling styling crème.  Depending on how much control you need depends on the right product. My good friend enjoys Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl.  Apply this into damp hair as you twist sections together to define the coils almost creating a long dreaded look.  Allow your hair to start to dry. Once it is dry, gently start to untwist each section. Refresh your hair with a leave in spray of One united 25 Benefits. Using your hands, gather your hair to the top of your head and secure it into a ponytail with an elastic. Split the ponytail ends into two sections. Twist each one to create two large twists. Twist each half together and coil them into a loose bun, then tuck the ends into the bun with bobby or hair pins. You can pull on the hair to create a bun shape of choice. Ta Da! Now you have a beautiful messy bun!

Enjoy a fun style whether you are trying to dress down with a pretty sun dress or get dressed up with a pretty pair of stilettos! Pick your fancy as you strut yourself wearing a…

Double French Fishtail Braids

Start by parting your hair down the middle. Prepare your hair by adding to the two sections a light weight product for hold like Braid Aid from Redken. On one side, create a small section on the top of the part and divide it in half. Pick a small strand of hair from behind the subsection cross it over the back subsection and combine it with the front section.  Now pick up a small strand of hair from in front of the front subsection, cross it over the front subsection and combine it with the front subsection. Then pick up a small strand of hair from in front of the subsection, cross it over the front subsection and combine it with the back subsection. Keep on repeating the pattern down to the nape of your neck. Once you repeat the nape switchover to a fishtail braid.  Incorporate small strands from the outside of each subsection as you braid. Once done gently loosen the braid to widen and to plump up the shape and secure the ends with an elastic band and then repeat on the other side.

In your upcoming travels keep in consideration the weather and how your hair will react. Also, will you be washing your hair and will you be in the salt water? Do you need to get a healthy trim to cut split ends off? Does your hair feel dry and need a conditioning treatment? Is your hair to frizzy and need a Keratin Complex treatment blowout? Hopefully these tips can help you this year during your travels.  Keep in consideration accessories are an easy way to dress up any style as well. Headbands, scarfs and hair pins are a few to consider.

Contact Vivid Hair Salon & Spa today to help you with all your hair beauty needs! Safe travels and be on the lookout for more tips from myself, Basia Belz.

Summer Tips for Vacation Ready Hair
Basia Belz
Owner, Founder, Master Stylist