Hair Extensions

Great Lengths, the unparalleled extension system that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design, will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. With the Great Lengths patented technology for the application of 100% human hair strands, the limitations presented by all other extensions systems are eliminated. Whether you're application is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply to update your current style, this revolutionary system will harmonize beautifully with your natural strands without ever displaying the visible telltale signs that are so common with other systems. With Great Lengths there are no styling limitations, no heavy-duty maintenance regimes and no restrictions on the use of styling tools. Once applied, Great Lengths is your hair. 


  • 5 Steps to Fabulous Extensions


    1. The Consultation 

    Whether introducing a client to the Great lengths system or further educating an already interested client, the consultation is essential. During the consultation it is explained how Great Lengths is used to help the client look and feel beautiful.  Clients fill out a client profile form.  Questions focus on the client's desires, issues with her hair, her home styling routine, budget considerations, and any past experiences with hair extensions. 

    2. Preparing the Client's Hair 

    We cleanse the client's hair at least three times with a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, oils and product buildup, which can hinder the bonding process. 

    3. Sectioning 

    Sectioning the hair serves as a blueprint for your finished style and allows control and precision as the stylist proceed through the service. 

    4. The Attachment Process 

    In this process we can apply the hair in a standard, fine, extra fine and ultra fine bond technique.  Using a hot tong machine we apply the strand by warming the keratin bond to fuse the Great Lengths hair to your own hair. 

    5. Finished Product 

    The stylist then cuts and styles the hair creating your new amazing Great Lengths look!

    Bonded Track Hair Extensions

    Bonded Track Hair Extension are a great option for someone looking for extra length or volume but is unsure of their commitment level to the extensions or finds individually bonded extensions to costly. This type of extension can last from 2 weeks to 12 weeks and is a somewhat low cost form of extensions. 

    The service takes under two hours, which includes applying the extensions, cutting and styling them. The hair for this service comes in wefts or tracks that the stylist will cut into the desired lengths and dimensions to best suite your hairstyle and head form. After the wefts are cut then are applied to the base of the hair and scalp with a non-toxic special adhesive that is safe for both your skin and hair. The  wefts will gradually loosen as you wash your hair and as your hair grows. There is maintenance with this extension technique, depending on the individual you will need to revisit the salon either bi-weekly or monthly to have them touched up. 

    This technique is much less expensive than individually bonded hair extensions because the service is faster and the hair is not as costly. However, at home, care with bonded track hair extensions is slightly more work than the individually bonded hair extensions. For the bonded hair extensions it is not recommended that you wash you hair frequently since this can loosen the bonding agent, also chlorine and salt water are advised to be avoided on the hair since this too can loosen the bonding agent as well as ruin the quality of the hair. When shampooing your hair with the extensions we advise you to avoid getting conditioner where the hair is bonded to the extensions to ensure a long life to your extensions. 

    This type of extension is non-damaging to the hair as long as proper care is taken to them and we recommend that you visit the salon to have them removed to ensure the removal process does not damage your hair.

    This method is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to safely add hair extensions for desired length and thickness. 

    Weft extensions

    Weft extensions are full track of extensions that go in between layers of your own hair. Each extension track is secured with micro beads starting and inch away from the back hairline to the top crown of the head depending on the desired look or purpose of hair extension. A full head of extensions can be up to 6-7 tracks.

    Weft hair extensions last anywhere between 2 to 4 months depending on natural hair growth and quality of hair purchased. This service you can wash and style your hair as usual once they feel those you can service your extensions by getting the tracks retightened closer to the root of the hair. Finer hair can require more maintenance and may need to be serviced every 2-3 weeks for retightening due to hair being washed beads can slip and loosen.


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