Jeyda Anair

Assistant/Junior Stylist

As I begin my career in the cosmetology industry, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my own personal aesthetic to be. You’ll find that many cosmetologists find their niche and perfect their skills pertaining to that, but I aspire to be an overall well-rounded stylist that can provided a multitude of services. I would never want a customer to ask for a service that I can not provide. I want my clientele to feel free to explore their wildest hair dreams and be confident in my ability to make them come true!

What is your favorite hobby?

Aside from expressing my artistry in the salon, I express myself other ways as well. I have been a dancer for 17 years, approximately 11 of those being a part of a competitive team. As a child and teenager, I enjoyed the thrill of taking a plethora of classes and getting to be a part of a collective that practiced hard and performed harder. As an adult I still spend time in the studio taking recreational classes networking and building self confidence amongst other women and men who share my love for dance.

About me:

Growing up in western Massachusetts in the small town of Ware, while it provided a hometown familiar atmosphere it never really catered to my adventurous, outgoing, busy-body personality. I knew from a young age that I was destined to work in some form of human services, I am without a doubt a people person. While in high school I held various jobs building up my customer service skills and then following high school I began working for the Department of Developmental Services as a direct services worker providing personal care to individuals with disabilities. At times it was challenging but I loved my job and found it to beyond rewarding. When covid took the world by storm I took the time to do some soul searching and decided hat there was no better time to take the bull by the horns and dive headfirst into a career I had been dreaming of for years. I left my full-time and began school in November and had the time of my life expanding my knowledge and building my foundation as a cosmetologist. I am so blessed to be a part of Vivid Hair Salon and Spa and look forward to being a part of this family and establishing a clientele here!