April 18, 2022


Imagine enhancing all facets of your life. Recently I spent time appreciating self-awareness  of nature’s beauty to renewal. Rejuvenation is something I find many people underestimate, Including myself. I had the opportunity to spend time in Sedona, Arizona reflecting upon what empowering energies the universe has to offer in an spiritual awakening.

Sedona is not only known for the scenic rock land, but known for encompassing huge spiritual vortexes that radiate energy in which many experience a lift by coming into town. This can help in so many ways: you can relate everyday mind, body and soul with a new spark to life. I learned a new rapid spiritual system for greater health, harmony, and happiness that we can relate in the beauty industry.

Looking to tapping into full wellness is a great way to clear toxins. First, you must clear negative energies that are clouding up your Aura. What is an aura? A simple definition would be an energy field that surrounds people , animals and things.  Most scientists recognize that everything in the world emits some kind of energy.  Have you ever met or come into contact with someone and you get certain vibes from them? You may feel excited or happier or even anxious or upset. It is the feeling or overall disposition of their aura. Cleansing negative energies and toxins out of your life for some means doing a dietary detox after New Year’s resolution or to start cutting toxins out of your life like people. There is so much more to it than this. Yes, I do agree we need to cut more internal toxins out of the foods we consume, but also in life as general.

Here are some tricks to rejuvenate yourself to being more positive:

  1. Plant life : Let’s call this plant therapy. Plants can help purify the air around them but also increase your mood and add fresh energy. Plant a flower or grab some fresh cut flowers from the market. Flowers and plants are not only pleasing to the eye , but good for the soul and allows us to appreciate fresh oxygen. As I walked around the deserts of Arizona, I was still able to see the beauty in the cacti. Plants and the land around me. Just beautiful!
  2. Sage:  A great way to cleanse energy is with smudging of sage.  This has been practice for many years traditionally originally from the Native American.  They practiced burning herbs and resins, which healers use to offer blessings and to purify people, places and objects.  The most common herb used is sage.
  3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness: Finding ways to put a smile on their face is always a good way to make you feel good and allows you be a positive force to others. This improves self-esteem and self-worth. This is also a small distraction from some of your current challenges you may face.
  4. Practice daily meditation, yoga or even a small walk: Looking around at the beautiful scenery of Sedona is definitely a treat. To see the mother nature, breathe in clean air and to be able to get some exercise. We may not be able to be in such luxury, but a simple 10 min walk, stretch in yoga pose or mind meditation each day can rejuvenate you mind, body and soul. Take in the beauty and be grateful for all your surroundings!
  5. Journal: Keep a journal at the end of each day. Share your thoughts and feelings for the day. Sometimes it’s a good chance for me to set goals for the next day and to reflect on what or who  I was grateful for that day. Write in your journal like you are talking to your best friend. Let it all out!

During this time of year, we are traditionally able to experience life with our loved ones and community. Currently, we have to keep a distance to our neighbors and friends, but does not mean that we can’t take this time to self-indulge and rejuvenate ourselves.  The sun continues to shine, flowers still bloom on natures schedule, we will get through this time and be together again soon. Please take care of yourself and trust in the universe. Keep a positive attitude!

Basia Belz
Owner, Founder, Master Stylist